professional outsourcing software and web development since 2003

We provide professional outsourcing software development services since 2003. Our staff is well educated, holding at least masters degree and great knowledge in software development technology. With our successful experience in software industry, we deliver high quality and cost-effective solutions to our customers. The scope of our services is rather wide — from providing Dedicated Development Team and helping customers improve important processes through business process outsourcing up to implementing custom robust and cost effective software solutions and creation commercial software accordingly to your specifications.

  • System Programming
  • Web Solutions
  • Business Software
  • Database Development
  • Client Server Apps
  • Desktop Apps
  • N-tire Systems
  • Customized Enterprise Solutions
  • Component Development
  • XLA Apps and Web Services
  • Communication Systems
  • Cloud Solutions
Here is just a brief overview of our services. In most cases the final list of activities is defined for each project individually.
Software Development

Business today needs highly functional and high-quality applications in order to remain competitive. Billions are spent each year by firms to upgrade existing systems or develop new systems. However, the high cost of in-house software development makes such efforts difficult to many businesses.

No two businesses are the perfectly same, so can’t be the software solutions for them. The system that works for others may not work as effectively for your businesses. Instead of changing the business practices that are already established, it makes a sense for a business to go for the custom software. Custom software development is nothing but the software made as per the requirements of the client applicable for that particular business’s needs.

To build your solution, we must first know the business requirements and functional specification of the application. Then and only then we can create the right product for you. By thoroughly understanding all of this, we can best apply our technical expertise to develop a product that makes sense for you.

We have successfully created for our clients numerous of different custom software applications including Client Relationship Management Systems, Corporate Messenger Software, Video and audio transmitting tools, Computer Backup Systems, Business Documents Managements System, Systems of Sales automation, and many other products. Our staff includes industry certified software development professionals like project managers, software engineers and programmers to provide you with the highest level of expertise. Besides this qualification of our developer allows us to start using any new development technology and approaches very quickly.

Products Development

SoftGrad Solutions offers full development cycle or part of it for your product in SoftGrad Solutions. We could create the commercial application accordingly to your specification, build distribution package, licensing and billing system and ensure quality of the product.

Utilizing our development skills and experience you will bring the software to market faster and with less cost than your competitors. With our company as development partner, you can successfully realize your own product ideas.

Database Development

Databases always are an important part of majority software systems. SoftGrad Solutions always pays serious attention to the quality of database underling our products. During years of our work, we’ve gathered team of skilled database developers and administrators and are glad to utilize our experience and knowledge to create solutions that meets unique needs of our customers. Currently we work with all must popular database servers and formats including MS SQL, Oracle, MySql, Postgres, Interbase, Access, DBF, NoSQL such as Redis and MongoDB.

Web Design and Development

Nowadays it is proven that the potential of Internet business is amazing but it can be a challenge to convert potential to reality. The growing spread of Web and Internet applications requires more and more complex and robust web solutions. To help in the business Softgrad Solutions builds, designs, and helps to deploy various web products which meet our customer’s specific needs and requirements.

Softgrad Solutions team has great experience in work with different web technologies and frameworks such as: ASP, APS.NET, Web API2, MVC, .NET, Java, PHP, HTML/HTML5, CSS3, XML, XSL, Java Script, VBScript, Web Services, RESTful services and API development. We are always up to date with TDD approach and BackboneJS, AngularJS, Ember frameworks to build testable, scalable, and performant applications. We maintain diversity of platforms where you can host a project: IIS, Nodejs, Apache, Jango, Microsoft Windows Azure, Heroku, Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2). If you prefer ready-made CMS like Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal, Opencart, and others we can make your project successful with customizing them for your business. We build HTML on top of current trend by using HTML5/CSS3, semantic markup, Compass, LESS/SASS, web icons, Font Awesome Icons, responsive design, bootstrap.

Our experts will thoroughly analyze you requirements, create the product, and help you with further deployment and support issues.

Dedicated Development Center

As convenient alternative to project-by-project collaboration model, we could offer to our customer’s full-time development resources on a long-term basis. An Offshore Dedicated Development Team is customized to your requirements and business needs, and it works as an extension of your in-house staff. Using an Offshore Dedicated Development Team, you will get access to specific skills, and still keep better control over the entire software development process then with per project basis. With time working on long term basis the dedicated developers will gain experience and specialization in your particular busses needs exactly as it happens in-house offices. From other side they always could use consultation and help of entire SoftGrad Solutions team.

Here is your chance to create your own offshore IT office. Our Dedicated Developer service enables you to pick and choose the developers that you want to work with. It gives you access to the right kind of skills that you need to make your business run. If you're like most businesses, you have neither the time to spend nor the staff to keep up with the latest technological development.

Also we could help to manage your projects with Dedicated Developer(s)/Programmer(s). This would not only help you concentrate on keeping good relations with your clients but also help you look for new ones!

With your own Offshore Office you enjoy the cost-cutting (upto 70%), timesaving benefits of doing business offshore without the risks associated with traditional vendor outsourcing. It's your business, your staff.

How to start development with SoftGrad?

To initiate work on project contact us with description of the future application. Immediately we will start research in order to build our proposal including the estimations of the workload, the cost, and timeframes.

Once the commercial aspects are settled and we get the project, our system analyst and projects managers will start to build and design the application.

How we do application development?

We will start to explore the software, your business needs, and related business process to make sure that our understanding of requirements consistent with yours. As first result we will offer and confirm with you the Development Requirements Specification stating programming tools, techniques, third part components, functional parts of the application and the project delivery milestones. Optionally on this stage we could provide the initial project plan.

Under supervision of project managers, our developers will start the coding process according to the mutually agreed specifications and time schedule.

We always trying to perform our work exactly accordingly to client’s specifications still we pay great attention to the project quality and on-time delivery.

During work on your project we usually submit our progress reports on daily or weekly basses by your choice. The reports include the work completed and the plans for the next period. In addition we could establish operative communications with you through, e-mail, instant messenger, fax, and telephone (VOIP).

Near the end of coding phase, we will put most of the project recourses to stabilize the product. Unit, Functional, System, and Stress testing is very important to insure the application quality, performance and minimize amount of bugs.

Our job is not finished until you review and approve it.

Application is successfully complete. What next?

Our service is not over after the final build is successfully delivered to you. Accordingly to our company standards we offer at least 3 months of free support for any our bugs found in products. Also by mutual agreement we could offer long term support for our products as separate type of service and of course we are always opened for new projects and modifications of software already created by us.

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